Organize a tourist rally of vintage cars

March 2, 2024

Vintage car rallies are the means by which many tourist agencies are opting today to relaunch their activities. These distractions, which combine passion for historic vehicles and the pleasure of discovery, actually attract more and more fans. For tourists, they offer a unique opportunity to travel through picturesque landscapes, visit fascinating sites and share an unforgettable experience with other enthusiasts. Organizing a vintage car rally can be a rewarding adventure, but it is important to plan it well. Here's how to get there.

The steps to follow to organize and succeed in a vintage car tourist rally

The success of any event always requires good organization. So, to properly organize a vintage car tourist rally, here is what you need to think about:

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The prerequisites for a successful race

You need to start by defining your goals and a budget. So choose the type of rally you want to organize between tourist rally, sports rally, etc., then define the number of participants. Based on all this information, you will be able to decide on a budget for this event.

Once everything is planned, remember to choose the date and place where the car race will take place. Be sure to choose a favorable period and a region offering varied landscapes and attractive points of interest.

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Organizing a classic car tourist rally along the winding coastal roads of the Riviera offers an exhilarating blend of adventure, and nostalgia. But to succeed, you must also choose the right route, that is to say one that is suitable for classic cars, while thinking about distances, speed limits and refueling points.

Management of registrations and communication around the Rally

Once the preliminary is done, think about communicating well about your event. To this end, digital and traditional communication channels must be used to attract potential participants and arouse their interest.

You must then manage the registrations, while collecting information on each participant (contact details, type of vehicle, etc.). After which, you must establish the rules of your race including the categories of vehicles accepted, the checkpoints, the scoring system and the sanctions in the event of bad behavior.

What are the routes to make this event a success ?

Besides the preparations in advance, you should also discuss the best roads for classic cars on the French Riviera. This region is actually full of picturesque roads and charming villages that are suitable for a vintage car rally. These are for example:

Verdon Gorges Circuit;

Route Napoleon;

Lower Cornice;

Average Cornice;

The Great Corniche.

However, to choose a route, you must take into consideration the variation in terrain, local attractions, landscape, refreshment points, accommodation, etc.

Participant engagement: how to engage and enthuse participants

Apart from the preparations, for a successful organization, you must also work to generate the commitment of the participants. To this end, clear communication must be ensured. You must therefore provide detailed information about the rally in your announcements. Also plan activities (guided tours, discoveries of unusual places) and entertainment (theme evenings, dinner and tastings).

Also encourage the spirit of camaraderie by inviting the various participants to mutual aid and conviviality. Also provide rewards for model participants and those who win the races. Also ensure the safety of participants and the availability of adequate logistics for a smooth and safe rally.

Properly educate the various riders on respecting the Highway Code and responsible driving. Also plan appropriate technical assistance throughout the event as well as emergency communication to handle unforeseen events.