How much does a freelance Google Ads consultant earn on average?

February 26, 2024

In the digital landscape, online advertising has become an essential lever for businesses. At the heart of this advertising strategy are Google Ads specialists. They are experts responsible for maximizing conversions through Google's flagship advertising platform. However, many people who choose to pursue this profession are unaware of how much they can actually earn. This guide covers the remuneration of these professionals.

Freelance Google Ads consultant: who is he and what does he do?

A freelance Google Ads consultant is an independent professional specializing in the management and optimization of advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform. Its main role is to help companies achieve their marketing objectives by maximizing their return on investment through targeted campaigns. These ads are served on the Google network. In reality, the latter has in-depth expertise in different Google features such as:

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Creation of campaigns;

Selection of keywords;

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Auction optimization;

Performance monitoring;

Data analysis.

Thanks to his in-depth knowledge, expertise and practical experience, he is able to design effective advertising strategies. To better understand his skills, click to learn more by reading the information on this website. However, be aware that the freelance consultant also plays the role of digital marketing advisor for his clients. It helps them define their advertising objectives. Better at identifying their target audience and developing impactful messages for their ad.

By working closely with clients, the consultant can understand their unique business needs and customize strategies. It also continuously monitors campaign performance using advanced analytics tools.

What is the exact remuneration of a Google ads consultant?

The remuneration of a Google Ads consultant is not fixed. It varies and depends on many factors. First of all, experience is an essential factor in determining the salary of a Google Ads consultant. Beginners can expect lower earnings. Experienced consultants with proven expertise have the ability to negotiate high rates.

Furthermore, the specialization and skills of the consultant can also influence their monthly remuneration. However, it is essential to understand that the method of remuneration may vary. Some consultants bill by the hour, others, on the other hand, are based on performance or results provided to the client. Average hourly rates generally range from $50 to $150 per hour. In reality, it all depends on the specialization and experience of the consultant.

It is also worth mentioning the demand factor for Google Ads service in each region. However, consultants who work as independent contractors must also take into account the overhead costs associated with their activities. This mainly concerns specialized tools and software, insurance, personal marketing and administrative costs. This is why it must be remembered that the exact remuneration of the Google Ads consultant is the result of a complex combination of pricing and experience. It may vary from one individual to another.