How can I look like Wednesday Addams ?

April 22, 2024

An icon of gothic culture and a key character in the series of the same name, Wednesday Addams fascinates viewers with her unique style of dress and strong character. If you'd like to adopt her dark and enigmatic look, here's some advice.

The black dress, part of the mistress costume

At the heart of Mercredi's distinctive look is her famous black dress, which you can find at Far from being just a piece of clothing, the dress must meet certain precise criteria to match the character's look as closely as possible.

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Firstly, the dress must be made from an opaque material such as knitted velvet or thick cotton. The cut should be simple but elegant, with a slightly flared skirt reaching above the knees and a subtly cinched waist. The essential claudine collar at the neckline adds a retro 1960s touch that contrasts with Mercredi's dark universe.

For an even more authentic look, don't hesitate to play on the details. Small black satin buttons from the collar to the waist add a chic touch, while contrasting black lace edging or cuffs reinforce the vintage feel of the piece.

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The dark uniform: an essential staple

Wednesday Addams' wardrobe is dominated by dark colours, especially black and grey. Opt for black dresses with Claudine collars, black or grey ribbed knit jumpers, long-sleeved white shirts and pleated midi skirts. Don't hesitate to add a touch of contrast with white stripes or white polka dots.

Accessories that make all the difference

Accessories play an important role in the Wednesday Addams look. Get yourself a wide black belt, a pair of black opaque tights and a vintage silver watch. For shoes, opt for black lace-up derbies or black platform ankle boots. When it comes to hairstyles, impeccable black plaits are a must.

Make-up: dark eyes and a mysterious mouth

Wednesday Addams' make-up is simple but striking. Apply a white foundation powder for a pale complexion, then draw a thick line of black eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Don't forget to darken your eyelashes and draw in your eyebrows neatly. For the lips, opt for a black or dark plum lipstick.

Attitude: an essential element

Wednesday Addams' attitude is as important as her style of dress. Adopt a dark look and a jaded air. Don't be afraid to flash a wry smile or make piercing glances. Confidence and self-assurance are key to fully embodying your character.

Personalise your look

Don't forget that the style of Wednesday Addams can be personalised to suit your tastes and personality. Don't hesitate to add original touches to your look, such as gothic jewellery, badges or hairpins. The main thing is to feel comfortable and make this unique style your own.

By following these tips, you'll be able to adopt the dark and enigmatic look of Wednesday Addams. Don't forget that attitude and self-confidence are key to fully embodying this iconic character.